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The Tenant and Homeowner Association


Stop Foreclosure and Eviction!

The Tenant and Homeowner Association is a group of renters and homeowners facing foreclosure, as well as neighbors and volunteers who are fed up with what foreclosure is doing to our communities.  We are an organizing committee of DARE's Whose Providence? campaign.

Our work includes:  Foreclosure-Prevention

  •  * Canvassing homes scheduled for foreclosure.
  •  * Making sure homeowners and renters facing foreclosure know their rights and understand the foreclosure process.
  •  * Organizing to keep families in their homes.
  •  * Advocating new state laws that will protect our community from foreclosure-related eviction.

Rhode Island's foreclosure rates are among the highest in New England. Coupled with widespread unemployment and cuts to social services, foreclosures are pushing hundreds of people in our state deeper into poverty. We organized the Tenant and Homeowners Association to fight foreclosures and evictions, displacement and blight, and to hold banks accountable for the economic crisis they started and continue to perpetuate.

To stop the displacement of low-income communities of color we know we have to organize families  directly impacted by foreclosure. We train volunteer doorknockers to canvass homes at risk of foreclosure and bring new leaders into the struggle. We push legislative changes to benefit tenants and homeowners and hold out-of-control banks and politicians accountable. We use creative direct action to keep individuals and families in their homes. In front of homes and banks we chant: "When we fight, we win!"

The Fight for Just Cause Legislation

We are organizing to change the rules by passing "Just Cause / Right to Rent" legislation. "Just Cause" would prevent banks and mortgage lenders from evicting tenants and homeowners after foreclosure. According to exsiting landlord-tenant laws, evictions just because of foreclosure are "no fault" evictions. Foreclosure does not constitute a "just cause" for eviction. Passage of this bill would mean residents in foreclosed homes would be given the opportunity to pay a fair rent, and only be evicted for "just causes" and with due process, which bank's continue to ignore for residents of foreclosed homes.

If you are facing eviction as a renter or homeowner due to foreclosure or if you're sick and tired of the banks evicting families in our communities, it's time you joined the fight!

To join the fight, contact Christopher Rotondo: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 401-351-6960 or check out our "News" section for the time of our next meeting!