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Who We Are 


Our Mission

DARE organizes low-income families in communities of color for social, economic and political justice.


Our Roots

Direct Action for Rights and Equality began in 1986 when a group of residents began meeting about problems in the neighborhood around a kitchen table at one of their homes in Providence’sDARE-Says-dont-dump-on-us Southside. Within a few years, DARE had become a force to reckon with- winning a change in school policy ensured that children from the same family would be assigned to the same elementary school and working with the city’s parks department to clean up and preserve an abandoned lot for community use.These early victories shaped the organization, teaching us the power of grassroots community organizing. 

Today our members come from low-income communities Raised-Fists-Outside-Officeacross the state and our kitchen table- where members meet to strategize, learn from one another and to build powerful grassroots campaigns is at 340 Lockwood Street, in the Southside of Providence.

DARE operates on the belief that the path to justice and lasting social change is grassroots community organizing led and directed by our members and leaders. In 2005, DARE members and leaders established our  Principles of Unity, which guides everything we do.