Stand with Palestine 10/21

Hold our government accountable for the racist lies, the weapons, the money, the explicit, hateful support for the ongoing mass murder of the Palestinian people! We need every community member to stand with Palestine this Saturday, as Israel uses our tax dollars to drop bombs and white phosphorus on two million people, half of whom are children!

In 2005, Direct Action for Rights and Equality (DARE) enshrined our opposition to imperialism in all of its forms in our Principles of Unity, with the participation of the low-income families living in communities of color that made up our membership. Prior to this formal adoption of the Principles, DARE’s leaders and staff had diverse, direct experiences and political commitment to opposing US imperialism – from generations of enslavement following ancestors kidnapped from Africa, to recent immigrants who fought in revolutions against imperialism in their home countries, to those battling community imperialism in the form of violent, racist police and mass incarceration right here in Providence. Our commitment to resisting imperialism is shaped by our communities’ personal experience of imperialism and displacement, as well as the connections to military occupation and violence from Chile to Haiti, Hawaii to South Africa.

We are horrified as the state of Israel explicitly commits genocide against the Palestinian people, greenlit and funded by the United States. We call for an immediate end to US support for Israel, including weapons, funds, political backing and other resources. We are guided by a vision of a free Palestine, and see Palestinians’ struggle as deeply entwined in the freedom struggles of people all over the world, including low-income families living in Providence and Rhode Island’s communities of color. We stand with Palestine!


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