Court Support 

Please contact our staff person Juan Turbidez to make a donation or volunteer for court support: 

Each week we table outside the 6th District Courthouse, where we distribute breakfast, coffee, water, snacks, clothing, Narcan, cigarettes, information and resources to people going through the court system. We often encounter people being released from the ACI. Apart from staff time, this project is entirely powered by community donations and volunteers from the Behind the Walls Committee. 

As capacity allows, we also organize long-term community support (participatory defense) for folks going through the court system.

We are not lawyers or service providers, simply a group of people working to support one another with whatever knowledge and resources we have. This support can look like:

  • publicizing information about their cases/ organizing press conferences
  • advocating for them in meetings with lawyers/helping to bridge communication gaps
  • writing/gathering letters of support
  • fundraising for legal fees
  • connecting people with legal services
  • emotional support – check-in calls, showing up with them at court dates, supporting family members
  • organizing to meet other material needs like childcare and housing
  • organizing to meet safety needs if they are experiencing police harassment

Commonly requested items are: toiletries, Newport cigarettes, and new underwear. 

Thank you to the folks who regularly sustain court support with donations: 

Knead Donuts, White Electric Coffee Co-Op, John Brown Gun Club and Showing Up for Racial Justice!

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