Alliance to Mobilize Our Resistance

We are an alliance of grassroots organizations providing community support in Rhode Island and southern New England for victims of hate crimes and state-sponsored violence. The AMOR Support Line is a 24-hour multilingual (currently English & Spanish) line that connects community members to AMOR’s network of services, including comprehensive mental health care, legal support, court accompaniment, community support, transportation, and interpretation.

Providence Youth Student Movement

PrYSM organizes at the intersections of race, class, gender, and sexual orientation by centering youth, female, queer, and people of color leadership in our campaigns, our organization, and our communities. PrYSM mobilizes queer Southeast Asian youth, families, and allies to build grassroots power and organize collectively for social justice.







Blue Cross Blue Shield of RI Blue Angel Community Health Grant

Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Angel Community Health Grant has supported the Tenant & Homeowner Association (THA) since 2021. In addition to program funding, BCBSRI provides in-kind support, including technical assistance from volunteers. 


SISTA FIRE seeks to support and nurture women of color to come together to build our collective power for social, economic and political transformation. Our work towards these goals is supported by four mission-aligned strategies:

1) Building a Strong Network: Networking is critical to strengthening women of color’s local power

2) Healing and Wellness: Integrating wellness and holistic practices, members gain new knowledge, understanding and practice to transform their lives individually and collectively

3) Growing our Economic Power: Forging community-led solutions to build economic strength

4) Organizing for Change: Organizing and the collective action of members will have a direct impact on the current conditions and policies women of color face

George Wiley Center

For 40 years, The George Wiley Center has been a grassroots agency that organizes members of the low-income community to advocate for systematic changes aimed at alleviating problems associated with poverty. The work of the George Wiley Center is based on the belief that each person in our community is endowed with innate dignity and worth. Each deserves a decent home, adequate clothing and nutritious food, the essential resources for intellectual and emotional development. These goals are achieved through community education and awareness and community organization and development. We are committed to forming cooperative alliances with church, business, labor and community groups and to bringing those directly impacted by poverty into leadership roles as community change agents. Our agency holds open (free & public) membership meetings in numerous locations around Rhode Island.

Formerly Incarcerated, Convicted People and Families Movement

DARE is a member of the Formerly Incarcerated, Convicted People & Families Movement (FICPFM), a network of over 50 civil and human rights organizations that are led by people who are living with criminal records, and their family members.

We are national movement of directly impacted people speaking in our own voices about the need to end mass incarceration, America’s current racial and economic caste system. To that extent, we are committed to transforming society by transforming the criminal justice system. Working in and with community, our work not only ensures alternatives to incarceration and criminalization, but we address head on the collateral consequences of living with a conviction by restoring civil rights to those who have had them taken away. Above all, we are inexorably bound to the idea that a society without prisons not only can exist, but must.

Grassroots Global Justice Alliance

DARE is a founding member of the Grassroots Global Justice (GGJ), an alliance of over 60 US-based grassroots organizing (GRO) groups comprised of working and poor people and communities of color. GGJ brings GRO groups into a long-term process of relationship building, political alignment and transformational leadership development. We weave and bridge together US-based GRO groups and global social movements working for climate justice, gender justice, an end to war, and a just transition to the next economy. 

At our 7th Membership Assembly in 2018, the membership of GGJ refined our framework for a holistic approach to building grassroots global justice: No War, No Warming, Build a Just Transition to a Feminist Economy, echoing the framework of Dr. Martin Luther King’s philosophy of the Triple Evils of Poverty, Racism and Militarism and integrating the current day pressing issues of climate change and feminism.

Right to the City

DARE is a founding member of Right to the City, a national alliance of more than 90 community-based racial, economic, gender & environmental justice organizations growing grassroots power to halt gentrification and displacement, and build democratic, just, and sustainable communities.

Party for Socialism and Liberation RI 

The Party for Socialism and Liberation believes that the only solution to the deepening crisis of capitalism is the socialist transformation of society. Driven by an insatiable appetite for ever greater profits regardless of social cost, capitalism is on a collision course with the people of the world and the planet itself. Imperialist war; deepening unemployment and poverty; deteriorating health care, housing and education; racism; discrimination and violence based on gender and sexual orientation; environmental destruction—all are inevitable products of the capitalist system itself.

There are really only two choices for humanity today—an increasingly destructive capitalism, or socialism.

Alliance of Rhode Island Southeast Asians for Education (ARISE)

ARISE combines leadership training with community organizing to mobilize Southeast Asian and other Rhode Island youth of color for education justice.

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