Down the Road Movers is a Black-owned cooperative business, founded by and for formerly incarcerated people.

Behind the Walls member Trent Manning founded Down the Road Movers in 2021, with full support from the Behind the Walls Committee.  The company’s mission came out of Trent’s years of organizing for the rights of system-impacted people with DARE, and was founded on our shared belief that everybody deserves a fair chance.  The company aims to create job opportunities for ourselves and our loved ones who are coming out of prison. Our community deserves a chance to make a decent living, provide for our children, and break generational cycles of poverty and incarceration. 

Down the Road Movers regularly partners with DARE and other community orgs to provide low-cost or free moving services for people impacted by eviction and housing instability. 

Donate here to help them buy their own truck! 

Check them out in The Boston Globe!

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