Stop the Expansion of Police Terror

Stop the expansion of police terror in our communities!! Atlanta residents are fighting the construction of Cop City, a massive police training complex that includes a mock city for police to practice urban warfare, complete with a playground and school. The project will destroy a public forest. Cops have already murdered #StopCopCity protestor Tortugita and incarcerated other protestors on domestic terrorism charges. Atlanta Police Foundation (funded by corporations like Home Depot) is pushing forward despite mass resistance.

Meanwhile, Providence Police continues to assault countless families. In just the past 2 years they have brutalized teenagers at Manton Ave, pepper sprayed a group of children and an infant on Sayles St, and beat a 16-year-old unconscious at Mount Pleasant High School. Yet they’re proposing more cops on the streets and in schools! RI lawmakers have also refused to repeal LEOBOR, the law that protects cops from being disciplined with more than a two day suspension unless approved by a board of police officers.

Stand up for Atlanta, stand up for us, stand up for all our people who are experiencing and resisting police terror!! As part of a national call for #StopCopCity solidarity action, we’re gathering in the big lot across Charles St. from Home Depot, who has donated funds to the project and sits on the Board of the Atlanta Police Foundation.


–> Home Depot: oppose Cop City in Atlanta
–>PVD Police: no more cops on our streets and in our schools
–>RI lawmakers: Repeal LEOBOR and invest in true community safety: housing, jobs, and education


Actions in solidarity with #StopCopCity:

Actions to Repeal LEOBOR:
1) Sign up with BLM RI PAC to be get alerts and templates when it’s time to testify. 
2) Call your State Representative and Senator and demand that they repeal and not reform LEOBOR.

Action steps for #CounselorsNotCops: Sign the petition! 

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